Poly Network Partners with Flux on Multi-chain Asset Bridging

Multi-chain interoperable protocol Poly Network is now partnering with multi-chain lending protocol Flux to assist the crypto assets to be bridged between Ethereum, BSC and Heco, which would improve the multi-chain asset interoperability on Flux platform.

Flux is a decentralized, secure and non-custodial multi-chain crypto-assets lending protocol, which has been deployed on Conflux, BSC and Heco. The smart contract code has been audited by Certik.

Poly Network is a world-class light-weight heterogeneous cross-chain interoperable protocol, which has bridged several heterogeneous public chains such as BTC, ETH, Neo, Ontology, Heco, BSC, Elrond, Zilliqa. There has been more than 4 billion USD worth of assets being transacted on Poly Network.

About Poly Network

Poly Network is an interoperability protocol for heterogeneous blockchains. It has a wide range of support across a lot of blockchains as a result of how easy it is to join in. Based on cryptography, Poly Networks adds an extra layer of complex security mechanisms that makes cross-chain transactions extra secure.

Poly Network has implemented interoperability with 9 heterogeneous chains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Ontology, BSC, Heco, Elrond, Zilliqa and Cosmos-SDK. Since the launch, the protocol has enabled cross-chain asset transfer of more than 4.1 billion U.S. dollars involving more than 50,000 addresses on different blockchains.

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A groundbreaking heterogeneous interoperability protocol alliance, which is well positioned to become the pillar of NGI.