A Letter to Our Community: Suspension of Poly Bridge Cross-Chain Services

Poly Network
1 min readApr 10, 2024

Dear POLYers and Ecosystem Partners:

We write to you today with a heavy heart to announce the suspension of all Poly Bridge cross-chain services, effective April 10th, 2024. This decision comes after careful consideration of market conditions and a thorough evaluation of our service offerings.

We want to assure you that existing partner projects will still be able to leverage our cross-chain infrastructure for their applications. However, we regret to inform you that we will no longer accept new deployments.

We understand that this transition may pose challenges for projects that rely on our infrastructure. Therefore, our team remains committed to providing assistance to projects encountering difficulties in developing their own front-ends.

We want to express our deepest gratitude for your cooperation and understanding during this period of transition. It has been a pleasure to accompany you all on your cross-chain journey.

Thank you for being a part of the Poly Network ecosystem and community.

The Poly Network Team



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