We’re thrilled to announce that Poly Network has integrated with the full-stack scaling solution Polygon, which is its 11th supported heterogeneous blockchain, to build an interoperability future together!

With DeFi’s 60x growth rate in the last 12 months, the ecology on Ethereum also presents an outbreak trend. But there are obvious and long-standing problems with Ethereum, like severe congestion and high transaction fees, which causes an increasing number of DeFi users and developers from flocking to EVM-compatible blockchains, like Polygon.

Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, and has taken the lead in…

Poly Network的一键跨链工具Poly Bridge 手机适配版已于近日正式上线,以下为Poly Bridge手机适配版操作手册,敬请查收。

Poly Network has recently released its one-click cross-chain tool Poly Bridge for mobile users. Please check the guideline below.

操作手册仅适用于移动端用户,PC 端用户使用方式不变。

This manual is only applicable to mobile users, and the PC setup remains unchanged.


移动端用户可以连接MetaMask、ONTO、麦子钱包体验Poly Bridge跨链服务;

手机版支持公链切换至以太坊ETH、币安智能链BSC、火币生态链HECO、OKExChain,不支持涉及Neo、 Ontology和其他公链的跨链交易;

Poly Bridge将使用原链原生资产作为跨链手续费。如:Ethereum → OKExChain,使用ETH作为跨链手续费;OKExChain →Ethereum,使用OKT作为跨链手续费。

Important to note:

Mobile users can connect with MetaMask, ONTO, and Math Wallet to experience Poly Bridge cross-chain services;

The mobile version supports transfers to Ethereum ETH, Binance Smart Chain BSC, Huobi Eco-Chain HECO, OKExChain, and does not support cross-chain transactions involving Neo, Ontology and other public chains;

Poly Bridge…

On July 14th, Poly Network, the cross-chain interoperability protocol for heterogeneous chains, and Filet, the Filecoin tokenized mining power platform, established a strategic partnership. The two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in cross-chain and provide better user experience. This cross-chain is mainly for FILE which is issued by Filet. Each FILE corresponds to real Filecoin mining power, that is to say, it is the FILE that allows Filecoin mining power to be on the chain.

Through this cooperation, FILE can not only be traded on the chain, but also be freely transferred and circulated among the Heco, BSC and Ether…

The blockchain interoperability realizing group Poly Network and the blockchain game publishing platform MixMarvel have recently reached cooperation on asset cross-chain. The MixMarvel platform token MIX will be transferred from ETH to BSC (Binance Smart Chain) through Poly Network’s heterogeneous cross-chain interoperability protocol (In both ETH and BSC now).

MIX is the core element of the MixMarvel economic system. Realizing the cross-chain of MIX from ETH to BSC opens up the transactions and circulation of MIX and BSC mainstream assets, multiple BSC-based DeFi and NFT application certificates, and increases the flow of assets. As a result, it can expand more…

We are glad to announce that Poly Network will support cross-chain transfers of OOE tokens later today (@OOE TGE, 1:00PM, July 12th, 2021 UTC). Poly Bridge is the bridge function of Poly Network that enables cross-chain transfer of digital assets based on token mapping.

OOE token is launchingn soon and will support multi chains. Through PolyBridge, users now can transfer OOE between multiple public blockchains e.g. BSC, ETH or ONT. This is especially useful for those who desire to participate in liquidity mining on OpenOcean BSC, but hold OOE on other networks (ETH or ONT) — PolyBridge makes it easy…

On the 2nd of July 2021, at exactly 11:00 AM (UTC+0), John Wang, Founding Member of Poly Network and Yuyi, the Chief Advisor of NEST Protocol system, disseminated the full details of the cross-chain cooperation reached by Poly Network and NEST Protocol.

This AMA took place on the NEST Protocol telegram community.

From the Live AMA with Poly Network Founding Member, John Wang and the NEST Chief Advisor Yuyi, this recap has been carefully drafted to ensure the full grasp of the information.


John Wang: John is responsible for the Ecosystem Growth of Poly Network, with many years…

Monthly Highlights

Total trade volume surpassed $6.4 billion in value (USD)

18 new partners announced.

6 online and offline events

After a successful and record breaking IDO launch of $BBANK token, BlockBank, a global AI-powered banking platform with crypto integration, are excited to announce partnership with Poly Network, a protocol offering interoperability solutions between multiple blockchains.

As the world’s leading lightweight heterogeneous cross-chain interoperability protocol, Poly Network has provided liquid bridging services for cross-chain lending DeFi projects, DeFi & NFT platforms and many other decentralized applications. Poly Network has already integrated nine heterogeneous blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Ontology, Binance Smart Chain, Switcheo, Elrond, Heco and Ziliqa, reporting the transfer of more than US$4.1 billion in cross-chain assets.


Demodyfi is partnering with Polybridge Network to bring users a better product experience of Demodyfi.

Getting support from Polybridge Network, Demodyfi is able to smoothly do cross chain operations, where our digital asset DMOD can be easily bridged from ETH Chain to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Their tool provides a one-click operation that is as simple as it can be. In the future, Demodyfi will support more assets and more cross-chain services of the public chain.

Here’s the bridge link from where you can https://bridge.poly.network/token/DMOD

What is Poly Network?

Poly Network is an interoperability protocol for heterogeneous blockchains. It has a wide range of…

Poly Network

A groundbreaking heterogeneous interoperability protocol alliance, which is well positioned to become the pillar of NGI.

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